Carnival Cruise Lines heads for South America

In 2013, Carnival Cruise Lines ( will once again sail along the South American coast. Between early February and late March, the U.S. shipping company offers no less than four interesting cruises on board the Carnival Splendor (3000 passengers) and the Carnival Miracle (2124 passengers).

The Carnival Splendor starts with an 18-day voyage between Long Beach and Valparaiso in Chile. Other destinations will be Guatemala and Ecuador (from 1.065 € per person).

Fjords and glaciers are the focus of the subsequent 14-day cruise which will take the Carnival Splendor from Valparaiso to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. A trip to the Chilean fjords and the stunning views of the glaciers of Patagonia are among the highlights of this itinerary (from 1.388 € per person).

Passengers on the 19-day cruise from Buenos Aires to New York will, however, experience the Brazilian and
Caribbean way of life. After stops in the South American cities of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza, the Carnival Splendor will call at the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Grand Turk before sailing on towards New York (from 1.503 € per person).

The Big Apple will be the starting point for a 16-day South America cruise on board the Carnival Miracle. This cruise comprises not only five different countries, but also a passage through the Panama Canal (from 1.400 € per person).

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About Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is the world’s largest cruise line with 23 ships and about 3.9 million passengers per year. In June 2012, the new Carnival Breeze (3690 passengers) will join the fleet.

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